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Oceans Deep

(0= open string)
(1= first fret)
(x= dont play)

          D                        C#/D                    Bm                     A/D

E |---0---------|------0------|------0------|-------0-----|
B |---3---------|------3------|------3------|-------3-----|
G |---2---------|------2------|------2------|-------2-----|
D |---0---------|------x------|------x------|-------x-----|
A |---x---------|------4------|------2------|-------0-----|
E |---x---------|------x------|------x------|-------x-----|

         Em                       F#/Bm                  G                        A

E |---0---------|------x------|------0------|-------0-----|
B |---3---------|------3------|------3------|-------2-----|
G |---0---------|------2------|------0------|-------2-----|
D |---0---------|------0------|------0------|-------2-----|
A |---2---------|------x------|------x------|-------0-----|
E |---0---------|------2------|------3------|-------x-----|

D                       C#/D
Even though the world I’m in
       Bm                    A/D
The perfect pitch it’s ways appear
       Em                        F#/Bm              G           A
The greatest pressures of my sin don’t disappear
D                           C#/D
Although alive and without much
       Bm                 A/D
The wishing, well I wished for You
 Em                F#/Bm        G            A
Then I look to see myself within it all

                         D                     C#/D
       My ocean’s deep my river’s wide
                                Bm                     A/D
       The strangers weep at pleasures side
             G                F#/Bm           Em              A
       Oh why do I not see the only one unseen

D                           C#/D
I’m lost without it seems so true
       Bm                          A/D
You left from here from me to You
             Em                          F#/Bm                G                   A
Well my heart is broken I’m trying can’t you see, can’t you see


D, C#/D, Bm, A/D, Em, F#/Bm, G, A  x2