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歌曲名:Lost In Paradise
编配者(转载来源): 网络

                      Fmaj7                    G6
I know that it might sound strange
                             Em                           Am
But you made my seasons start to change
                        Fmaj7  G6
It happened so suddenly
                   Em                        A
Like heaven has waited up for me
I’ve just been looking so long
Kept meeting my Mr.wrong
             Em                     A
In every model and every size
Now my fantasy
    Dm7                   G7
Is staring at your eyes 

                                       Fmaj7   G6
Sometimes you think I’m beautiful
      Em         Am
But I don’t know
      Fmaj7   G6    C
I’ll keep it to myself
                             Fmaj7  G6
You say it. It feels wonderful
      Em           Am
My smile can show
      F        G6    A
I’m lost in paradise 

                       Fmaj7     G6
The letters you wrote to me
                         Em                    Am
Showed me the signs I’ve never seen
                                  Fmaj7 G6
I thought every man I’d want
                     Em              A
Falls out of a dating magazine 

But now I know that with you
That was so far from the truth
              Em                     A
On every page and every line
Now you’ve my everything
            Dm7                                      G
I guess you know how to read my mind