Marion Raven(玛丽安·雷文) ,1984年5月25日出生于Lenskog,挪威歌手,小时候与儿时密友Marit Larsen组合M2M(窈窕美眉),登上世界舞台,2002年组合解散后,Marion开始了她的单飞生涯,于2005年发行第一张单飞专辑《Here I Am》

Name:   Crawl
Artist: marion raven
Album:  here i am

high on a hill
heard a bird sing her song
sang you were true
well, she got it all wrong
she didn't know about you're lies
and all you're stupid alibis
don't you know, this bird got wise
surprise surprise surprise
the writings one the wall
yeah yeah
in letters written tall
i thought i'd let you know before i go
i will see you crawl
fell of the hill
into darkest of dreams
promises broke
ripped apart at the seams
so now you know this bird has flown
you will repay me what you owe
don't you know you're gonna live
alone alone alone
you made a big mistake
signed and sealed your fate
yeah yeah
i'll wait till the night comes
in the darkness you are no one
until i know all you're shadows are gone